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Welcome to Brain Education TV

Watch videos of helpful brain tips, meditations, exercises, and inspiring stories that boost your brain’s function. Become inspired and join the movement of “taking back your brain” to create a harmonious world in which everyone can live in health, happiness, and peace with self-worth and confidence using the power of their own brain.

Our content is based on the academic study of Brain Education, which has been researched at top universities and has been practiced for over 40 years around the world.


Brain Education is a lifestyle and consciousness movement to change the way we use our brains.

Our lives are a reflection of how we are using our brains.


Awakens dormant parts of the brain to create and manifest


Based on East Asian energy work and Western neuroscientific research


Created by meditation expert and New York Times bestselling author Ilchi Lee


 Do you want to use your brain better?

Our brains possess infinite dormant potential to create exactly the life we want. If you develop your brain’s potential and use it well, you could affect much more than just your personal destiny and fate. All of the great accomplishments and feats achieved in human history are the works of the brain, and the journey toward full realization of your brain’s potential starts with mind-body connection.



Each step builds on the previous one until you become the master of your brain and true creator of your life.

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