Linda Yoonjin, Director & Producer

Linda Yoonjin is a Brain Education trainer and has given lectures around the U.S. to health professionals about creating self-sustained health through the human brain. She still actively lectures and is the resident energy guide of Change Your Energy, giving webinars and online workshops on meditation and self-development of the body & mind.

My life forever changed after I shouted this single word: ENOUGH! Up until that point, I had lived my whole life with an unexplainable sense of emptiness inside. No matter what I did, where I went, what I bought—these things only filled me up temporarily until the feeling faded and I had to get the next fix of joy. Looking back, I was suffering from highly-functioning depression.

I was overwhelmed by ennui and lifeless routines. At that time in my life I was working as an event coordinator for celebrities in Hollywood. I came home one day from work—exhausted from another day of catering to the colorful personalities of Hollywood—and plopped down like a rock on my bed. I was staring blankly at the white ceiling of my room when a thought hit me like a 4-ton truck crashing against a brick wall going 100mph. “If my job disappeared tomorrow...nothing in the world would change.” I realized that the work I had been giving all of my energy to wasn’t even making a slice of real impact to humanity at large. It was at that moment I finally said, “ENOUGH!” This single word would change the trajectory of my life forever.

I was propelled on an inner journey to, once and for all, fill this unexplainable sense of emptiness and dissatisfaction I held within. What was it anyway? How did it get there? Where did it even come from? When will it go away? These are the kinds of questions that stuffed themselves in my mind, and I had to find the answers.

They say “ask and you shall receive” and what I got was a fortuitous encounter with something called Brain Education. Little did I know that this 5-step method created by a South Korean meditation expert named Ilchi Lee, would give me all the answers I had ever been searching for.

Through Brain Education, I learned to love, care, and develop myself to fill the emptiness inside that nothing else in the world could. Surprisingly, Brain Education is what launched the rocket of creativity and self-expression that I had so envied in others.

Ultimately, Brain Education instilled in me a dream—a dream to share this method with people who are also wrestling with their own questions. My purpose with Brain Education TV is to share ways to create positive, lasting change into one’s life by showing a brain developing method that works. This is the spirit of Brain Education passed down from its founder, and it’s the spirit that drives our channel to create global change.

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