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Ilchi Lee, Creator of Brain Education

New York Times bestselling author and meditation expert, Ilchi Lee, is the creator of Brain Education and serves as the Executive Director of Brain Education TV. His core teaching is to awaken the power, which exists in the brain, of each person to change themselves and the world around them. For this mission he has written over 40 books and has taught millions around the world to find their inner brain power and develop it to become leaders of themselves, family, community and humanity at large.

When I was young, I struggled with ADHD. At school, I couldn’t focus on my teachers’ lecture or on anything in the textbooks. My mind wandered to thoughts like, “Who am I? Why was I born? Why do I have to live? Because my parents, teachers, and friends didn’t understand me and thought I was strange, I was always lonely.

As years passed, those kinds of questions didn’t leave me. In the process of finding answers to those questions, I developed new insight about the human brain. I became enlightened to the fact that my brain is my life and that everything—health, happiness, success, and peace—can only be achieved through the brain.

About 20 years ago, I compiled the brain development principles and methods that I experienced and researched  into a comprehensive, self-development system called Brain Education. Brain Education principles and practices have been used by all kinds of people from different backgrounds seeking health and self-development. This system has been presented in various ways—including school educational programs and corporate training.

Today, Brain Education has become an academic discipline. A research institute and graduate university has been established in South Korea to facilitate more specialized research, teachings, and dissemination of the program. The national government in South Korea recognizes Brain Education trainers as a specialized profession.

As I’ve worked through the years to develop and spread Brain Education, the greatest gift I’ve received is the rediscovery of the greatness of the human spirit, which exists in the brain. All great accomplishments—every feat achieved by humans throughout our history—are the works of the brain. It has been incredibly heartening to see many people recover their sense of confidence, courage, harmony, and peace through interaction with their brains and especially to see these changes in the younger generation. What makes humans truly great is our capacity to create and love through the brain. I encourage you to awaken the dormant potential of your brain to go beyond simply being a “smart brain” to proving itself to be a truly wise, altruistic brain.

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